Meet the CEO

Meet LaQuinta Magwood, the Owner of SAY La V Beauty Studio
located in Lyman, SC. Her outstanding passion for hair and building self-confidence is evident in the extraordinary services she provides. LaQuinta has been blessed with the ability to restore her clients' love for their hair, and she showcases this daily through her work.

At Say La V Beauty, the services provided are diverse and multicultural. They offer everything from braids, color treatments, make-up, and more. The salon specializes in natural healthy hair care, including Sisterlocks™, Brotherlocks, Traditional locks, natural treatments, and blowouts.

LaQuinta's passion for hair has led her to create her line of hair care products. After struggling to find the right products for herself and her clients, she teamed up with a skilled chemist to create a line of handmade hair care products that are a combination of science, sophistication, and natural elements. Each product is created with the customer in mind, providing strength, moisture, and growth.

In 2023, LaQuinta's twin sister joined forces with her to improve efficiency and provide better service to their clients. They are excited about this new journey and look forward to serving you with the utmost care and love.